Couple ‘convinced’ they saw crocodiles swimming on UK coast in new smartphone footage

New smartphone footage has emerged claiming to show crocodiles swimming around off the coast of the UK.

A couple were on a camping trip near Scarborough, when they spotted what they said was “definitely” the ancient predator.

Instead of enjoying their holiday, Sarah Craven and partner Adrian Latz, along with their sons, filmed footage of what they said were “100 per cent” crocodiles, just off the coast of England.

The couple shared the footage of the shocking encounter online last week and it went viral across social media.

Adrian said: “I 100 per cent believe what I saw swimming was definitely crocodiles.

“The shape, the size and I could clearly see the legs. I really was shocked by what I was witnessing but I knew what I was looking at and it was big crocodiles.

“I can’t believe how viral it really has gone but then thinking about it, it is a massive thing really knowing we have crocodiles in our sea,” The Star reported.

They spotted the alleged crocodiles after they took their kids up for a clifftop walk, when one of her sons alerted them to what they said was the animal.

The Yorkshire Evening Post reported that Sarah said: “We moved further along the cliff to get a closer look and I started to take pictures and videos.

“If a closer look is taken you can see the back legs swimming. I saw both front legs and back legs with long pointy tails swishing behind, the skin looked bumpy like crocodile or alligator skin.

“We then noticed a smaller one in between the large ones.”

However, not everyone was as convinced by the couple’s claims.

Reptile expert Dr Angela Julian, co-ordinator at Amphibian and Reptile Groups UK, said it was “extremely unlikely” they spotted crocodiles.

She said she was unable to identify the alleged crocodile in the video but rubbished the claims saying they would be found in UK waters.

Adrian, however, was not discouraged by the expert’s warning and said everyone had the “right to believe what they wanted” but was sure he knew what he saw with his own eyes.