Greggs will now stay open late at night and select stores will change their hours

Bakery chain Greggs has announced it is to open its branches late at night.

The outlet, famous for its sausage rolls and steak bakes announced the move on social media – prompting joy from fans of its fudge donuts and sausage and bean bakes..

It’s already proved a hugely popular choice at lunch, but now customers can venture to the bakery at night.

The nation’s favourite place for sausage rolls has officially confirmed that many Scottish stores will remain open until at least 10pm.

So if you’re heading home after a long day of work, or maybe you have been out with friends and family all day, and you pop into Greggs for a tasty evening meal instead of cooking.

The bakery chain recently took to Twitter to confirm that select stores across Aberdeen, Dundee and Glasgow would now be offering their evening meals from 4pm onwards. Unfortunately, when we checked online, no Edinburgh stores will be open later.

Oh, and that is not all, as Greggs has excited fans even further by announcing a couple of brand new menu items that are sure to go down a treat with customers looking for a delicious night time snack.

Joining the new evening menu will be customisable pizzas that comes with three tasty toppings, including three tasty toppings, including Chargrill Chicken, Mexican Chicken, Pepperoni, Red Onion, Jalapenos and Mixed Peppers.

Customers can now pick up any pizza and drink for £2.20 past 4pm, as well as meal-deal bundles and sides including Southern Fried Potato Wedges, Spicy BBQ Chicken Bites, Southern Fried Chicken Goujons or Vegan Southern Fried Chicken-Free Goujons.

And, to top off all this good news, Greggs has also given the classic Yum Yum a bit of a twist by serving it hot with a tasty milk chocolate or salted caramel flavour dipping sauce.

If you’re thinking of heading to Greggs for some late night delights, then here are all the Scottish stores that will remain open until late.

The new menu includes customisable pizzas and hot desserts.

Available from 4pm, you can choose three toppings on your pizza, from a selection including chargrill chicken, Mexican chicken, pepperoni, red onion, jalapenos and mixed peppers, on top of a focaccia base.

After 4pm, you can pick up a pizza and drink from £2.20. You can also get meal deal bundles and sides including Southern fried potato wedges, spicy BBQ chicken bites, Southern fried chicken goujons or vegan Southern fried chicken-free goujons.

A pizza meal deal bundle includes a boxed pizza, sharing wedges and a hot dessert. New to the menu is a hot version of the popular yum yum – described as hot pieces of pillow soft doughnut covered in a sticky sugar glaze and served with a tasty milk chocolate or salted caramel flavour dipping sauce.

The stores across the UK which are now open late include:


Leicester Highcross (open until 8pm)
Leicester Belgrave Gate (open until 8pm)
Leicester Gallowtree Gate (open until 9pm)
Leicester Granby Street (open until 8pm)
Leicester Narborough Road (open until 8pm)
Leicester Abbey Lane (open until 8pm)
Beaumont Shopping Centre (open until 8.30pm)
Fosse Park (open until 9pm)
Thurmaston Shopping Centre (open until 8pm)
Loughborough Allendale Road (open until 8pm)
Hinckley Rainbow Way (open until 8pm)

Aberdeen, 55 Union Street – open until 8pm
Aberdeen, 4 East Mall – open until 8:30 pm

Glasgow, Buchanan Bus Station – open until 10pm
Glasgow, 64 Gordon Street – open until 8pm
Glasgow, 100 George Street – open until 8:30 pm
Glasgow, 172 Argyle Street – open until 8:30 pm
Glasgow, Forge Retail Park – open until 8:30pm

Dundee, 80 High Street – open until 8:30pm
Dundee, 134 Stathmartin Road – open until 8:30pm
Dundee, Myrekirk Road – open until 8pm
Kirkcaldy, Fife Central Retail Park – open until 8:30pm